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Garage Door Repair Grapevine

Garage Door Maintenance

Lubricating, cleaning, and repairing are all tasks included in our regular Grapevine garage door maintenance service. We suggest servicing garage doors at least once a year to be sure of its safe and smooth operation. Some parts must be checked more often. But as an overall, getting help from our team once a year will benefit both your doors and your pocket.

With regular maintenance, Garage Door Repair Grapevine TX manages to eliminate problems. When your door performs free of problems, it is safe for you to use and lasts longer. This means limited needs for repairs and no premature replacement of parts. With the door working right, you can be certain that it will also close well. What you gain is spending less money on your door and enjoying a safe environment.

Garage Door Maintenance Grapevine

Garage door maintenance is a preventive service

We offer garage door maintenance service in Grapevine, Texas, with the intention to prevent problems. And so our techs check all parts and fix up anything wrong with them. Since parts might have different weaknesses and not all doors have the same parts, we do what is needed to tune up the door. As an overall, our garage door maintenance involves:

  • Garage door adjustment and tests. We check the balance and force of the door. Our tech will also see if the travel limit settings are right. The chain or belt of the opener is also checked. From leveling the door to adding spring tension, we do any adjustment needed.
  • Our pros always clean parts focusing on the tracks and spray lubricants. Lubes ensure the smooth movement of all parts and thus of the door.
  • While we inspect the door, opener, and parts, we always check the fasteners and make sure they are all tightened and all parts aligned.
  • If we encounter some problems, we check their reasons with garage door troubleshooting. Our techs are prepared to do any repair necessary.

Give your garage door a chance to perform better and thus last longer. Contact us today to set an appointment for garage door maintenance in Grapevine with our team.

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